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Fleet Tracking Tangible Benefits For Businesses With 5 Or More Vehicles

Benefits of GPS Tracking for Your Fleet by

Knowing where you fleet is (or isn’t) can have many benefits, some obvious, some hidden. In either case, adding GPS tracking to your vehicles will make a big difference in your operation and often provides a competitive advantage. The data you’ll receive from the field, in real time, can help you make better decisions about how to allocate your resources, and those decisions, in turn, can boost your bottom line.

Tangible Advantages

Shaving costs of operation – with tracking and route planning, you can reduced overhead by cutting back on excess fuel consumption, overtime, and inappropriate use of company vehicles.

Insurance premium reduction – many insurance companies offer discounts on policies for fleets equipped with good monitoring Some of these discounts can be very substantial, so shop around.

A leg up on route planning – real time provides you with an opportunity to execute your calls or deliveries on much more efficient basis. It’s an advantage for your customers, saving fuel and wear and tear on the vehicle.

More efficient use of labor – when you know where you fleet is, and where vehicles are headed, your operation will be more efficient, you’ll be able to maximize use of personnel, eliminate ‘last minute’ runs, and cut back on OT.

Behind the Scenes, In the Back Office

Paperwork and reports – your accountant and banker will love the analysis you can provide with the report capabilities of a real time monitoring. You will be able to furnish up to the minute reports on demand, demonstrate allocations of company assets and have concrete back-up for depreciation schedules.

Marketing and customer satisfaction – Knowing where your vehicles are means you will be able to tell customers and clients where your vehicles are, almost eliminating the phrase customers hate to hear about “delivery windows.” Customers satisfied with your service leads to the best kind of marketing, word of mouth.

Route planning – Being able to plan your routes and calls makes your entire operation more effective and more efficient, from allocation of hard assets to scheduling personnel.

Asset Recovery – Can’t find a vehicle or ancillary piece of equipment? With GPS fleet tracking you know where every pieces of equipment is, every moment of the day.